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91%VideoMay 2010

Awkward questions about Jesus

(4:43) Young Ben asks the vicar some awkward questions about Jesus.


90%VideoJun 2008

Dick in a Box

Saturday Night Live digital short featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg


90%VideoSep 2010

Young Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin (1997)

Conversation between two great communicators, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart and the great late George Carlin, talking around different aspects of 'life'


90%VideoNov 2016

Jon Stewart's Twitter fight with Trump

(5:14) Jon Stewart's comic demolition of Donald Trump at Stand up for Heroes.

89%VideoJun 2010

Clarke & Dawe on the BP oil spill

Australian satirists John Clarke and Bryan Dawe cover the oil spill that started in the Gulf of Mexico after an explosion in April 2010.


89%VideoAug 2008

The Muppets play Rammstein's Engel

Special guests: Debbie Harry, James Coburn, Dizzy Gillespie


89%VideoApr 2008

Big Train - Firefighters & Showjumpers

(4:32) When you need a job done properly, leave it to the pros.


89%VideoJun 2010

Financial consultant reflects on Europe's woes

Australian comedy duo John Clark and Brian Dawe explain the world's economic collapse in a three minute Mastermind style sketch


88%VideoNov 2010

John Stewart destroys Bill Kristol over government run health care

American conservative political analyst Bill Kristol slips up when he admits that the US military has the best health care (run by the government) and suggests that the American public don't deserve the same standards. From an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (2009).


88%VideoNov 2010

Jon Stewart's speech at the Rally To Restore Sanity

Sanity is in the eye of the beholder. Daily Show's John Stewart pleas for perspective. Whichever way you think, make it count and vote.