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95%VideoJun 2012

Duck chase

(0:47) What is cuter than kittens? Charley the duckling going walkies.


94%VideoDec 2014

Walking on clear ice

(0:39) Walking on a frozen mountain lake in the High Tatras, Slovakia.


94%VideoJan 2014

Are you an easily frustrated brisk walker? Then this is for you.

(2:02) Japanese man's simple but effective method to get slow walkers to move out of his way.


94%VideoMar 2018

Enjoy Vladimir Putin's extraordinary alpha male walk



93%VideoNov 2014

10 hours of walking in NYC as a Lamborghini

(3:38) Real footage of a young millionaire being street harassed by people of all backgrounds. This kind of behaviour needs to stop.


93%VideoMar 2008

Relaxing hike on the steep walls of a Spanish gorge

El Caminito del Rey (The King's pathway) is a walkway, now fallen into disrepair, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Alora in Malaga, Spain


93%VideoJan 2015

Surprise walk with the President

(3:00) President Obama was on his way to nearby Department of the Interior but decided to break with tradition and walk. On the way, he got the chance to meet some surprised people.

92%VideoSep 2010

Japanese synchronised walking

(8:52) Strange concept, perfectly executed with a precision only the Japanese could achieve. The audience gasped in awe.


92%VideoSep 2011

Pole dancer walking on air

(0:27) One up on Jesus. Is this the best pole dancing move ever?


92%AnimationMar 2016

100 days of walk cycles

(2:54) Vimeo user rediscovers his passion for animation by drawing a 'walk cycle' every day for 100 days.