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93%VideoNov 2007

Airbus A380 crosswind landing

Superjumbo drifts due to high winds


92%VideoJun 2011

Airbus plans for a transparent plane

(2:02) Head of engineering at Airbus, Charlie Champion talks about their vision for a flying machine that could be a reality forty years from now.


91%VideoSep 2015

Airbus A380 crosswind landing at Dusseldorf

(1:45) The world's largest airliner buffeted by strong winds at Dusseldorf Airport, Germany.

91%VideoApr 2007

Dragonair construction

Stop motion Airbus assembly

90%VideoFeb 2015

Emirates A380 cloud cutting

(0:48) An Emirates A380 slices a cloud in two.

89%VideoNov 2007

Airbus A380 assembly

Time lapse construction in 7 minutes

88%VideoMay 2015

The future of flight, by Airbus

(9:33) Airbus plans for a futuristic future.

87%VideoMar 2008

German plane-spotters film dramatic landing attempt

A Luthansa A320 almost crashed in ferocious crosswinds as it approached Hamburg airport


87%VideoFeb 2006

Airbus A340 build

Plane construction in minutes


87%VideoAug 2012

Airbus recycling centres

(3:26) Aircraft recycling company TARMAC was set up by European aircraft manufacturer Airbus to dismantle its planes in an environmentally friendly way.