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97%VideoMar 2012

Anthony Griffith - The best of times, the worst of times

(9:22) A comic must always be a comic, even if underneath he's suffering excruciating heartbreak.


97%VideoOct 2012

George Carlin: "Fuck Lance Armstrong!"

(1:07) The great George Carlin ahead of his time.


97%VideoSep 2014

Doug Stanhope on nationalism

(5:53) Hellraising American stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope takes a pot at nationalism.


97%VideoMay 2013

Bill Burr - Oddly racist comment

(2:04) American comedian Bill Burr on the fascinating rules of racism.

96%VideoFeb 2012

Godfrey runs through the presidential candidates

(4:49) American comedian Godfrey gets a bad case of Gingrich at the Laugh Factory comedy club in Hollywood, California.

96%VideoSep 2014

Doug Stanhope: You make your own Christianity

(3:53) Young Doug Stanhope at his best ridiculing Christianity.


96%VideoOct 2014

US vs UK Ebola news coverage

(3:47) English comedian Russell Howard looks at how differently Ebola is covered on each side of the pond.

95%VideoJul 2009

Ricky Gervais - Gay animals

From his show Animals, a review of the book 'Biological Exuberance: Animal Sexuality and Natural Diversity' by Bruce Bagemihl. A peak into homosexuality in the animal kingdom.


95%VideoMar 2011

George Carlin, everyday expressions

Examining the phrases that pass our lips without consideration. Classic Carlin from the early 1990s.


95%AnimationOct 2012

Bill Hicks - It's just a ride

(1:44) Kinetic typographic visualisation of Bill Hicks routine about our perspective on everything.