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94%VideoJul 2013

George Carlin: They're only words

(2:00) George Carlin on how it's the context that counts, not the words themselves.

94%VideoJul 2013

Dara O'Briain tries to explain modern technology

(3:45) Imagine falling through a wormhole into the past. How useful would your knowledge of the modern world be?

94%VideoAug 2013

Reginald D Hunter blasphemed

(1:44) Reggie explains what blasphemy is.


94%VideoAug 2014

Bill Maher reads from Rick Warren's 'The Purpose Driven Life'

(9:08) Bill Maher discusses Rick Warren's intimate knowledge of God's mind as outlined in his book "The Purpose Driven Life".


94%VideoMar 2015

Bill Burr covers Ebola and the problem with first ladies

(6:37) Bill Burr at Comedy Central's 'Night of Too Many Stars'.


94%VideoApr 2015

Stewart Lee apologises to a heckler

(3:58) A heckler shouted something about someone dying of cancer and howe the show was not funny.

94%VideoJun 2006

Modern man, man for the millennium

George Carlin talks about himself


94%VideoApr 2013

Bill Hicks - It's just a ride (live)

(3:22) Bill Hicks performing his great summation of the world.

94%VideoFeb 2015

Bill Burr: Why I walked away from religion

(9:40) From 'I'm Sorry You Feel That Way' Netflix special.


93%VideoJun 2006

George Carlin on answering machines

Creative greetings by closet record producers