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VideoJan 2006

Helicopter touchdown

Rough landing takes a turn for the worse

VideoOct 2020

Canadian rescue services locate missing child

(1:53) High tech rescue utilising thermal camera, laser and night vision goggles.

VideoJan 2007

Stranded deer escapes icy lake

Helicopter pilot gives Bambi a blow job


VideoSep 2008

H-21 helicopter crash in slow motion

The Piasecki H-21 Workhorse/Shawnee, known as the 'Flying Banana', hits the ground with a crushing thud


VideoNov 2014

Helicopter on a bridge


VideoOct 2010

Sikorsky X2, world's fastest chopper

Until recently, the world speed record for helicopters stood at 249 mph by a British Army Westland Lynx helicopter. Sikorsky X2's maximum recorded speed is higher but unofficial. Here they make it official.


VideoJan 2012

Parrot AR.Drone R/C quadricopter reviewed

(11:16) What the military can do, the public can too. Linus reviews the Parrot AR.Drone controlled with an iPad.


VideoNov 2007

Human Helicopter

Street performers spin to new heights


VideoJan 2006

Military might

Shock and awe to the devil's soundtrack

VideoMay 2008

Golf cart in high speed pursuit

Guy fails to steal car then makes an unorthodox attempted escape