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91%VideoJan 2008

World's smallest personal helicopter

Inspector Gadget style solo contraption


91%VideoDec 2010

Chinook troop extraction, Afghanistan

Chinook helicopter pilot hangs his rear end on a hillside in a dangerous manoeuvre to extract US troops. A few clippings later and it could have gone so wrong.


91%VideoMay 2015

Helicopter cleared to fly



90%VideoJan 2011

Chinook troop despatch and extraction in water

US Navy SEALs in training. The Chinook lowers its tail into the water allowing some of the cargo compartment to flood. Launching or retrieving a rubber boat is then quite straightforward.


90%VideoJan 2007

Stranded deer escapes icy lake

Helicopter pilot gives Bambi a blow job


90%VideoJul 2007

Tied down helicopter

Chinook is tied down and set on full power


90%VideoMay 2009

Russian chopper with motionless blades!

A radio wave is synchronising the movie camera speed with the rotation of the rotor to help visualise deformations on the blades


90%VideoApr 2010

Spectacular footage of Eyjafjallajokull volcano in action

ITN reporter John Irvine takes a helicopter above the crater of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland which is spewing the ash that grounded European flights


90%VideoFeb 2012

Bello Nock - Trapeze act from a helicopter!

(4:12) Stunning bird's eye view of comic daredevil Bello Nock as he performs his act while hanging from a helicopter hovering over Circus Sarasota's big top.


90%VideoApr 2015

Helicopter bucket fire fighting

(8:31) Footage from fire fighting Eurocopter AS-350, fighting a blaze that broke out in Portugal, July 2012.